Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recovery Day

Picked up Tucker late yesterday afternoon from the vets.. introductions went really well.  First with Sasha and just a little growl from her (probably means, seriously; another one?), and then with Shelly, who was very interested in him and he her, lots of sniffing.  She was a bit submissive to him, which I think is a good sign.  Then all three together in the yard and then into the house.  It's been quite peaceful really.

When I took Tucker out for a potty break, Shelly tried to get him to play and ran laps around him.  He's just not ready yet, but they are on the way to being good buddies.  And Shelly is more interested in Tucker than Sasha, so Sasha is getting a break. 

Tucker is recovering nicely, comes out of his crate for a bit for some attention and then back in for sleep.  It's super nice having a dog that is comfortable in his crate.

Tucker resting and Shelly watching
Shelly's sad that Tucker doesn't want to play
fuzzy picture, but Tucker resting

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