Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodnight Sweet Shelly

Whew!  Shelly is one active little puppy... Her housetraining is coming along and she is starting to use the doggy door.  Though more often than not, she uses the doggie door to go hide toys rather than potty.  She is just starting to bring me back stuffed animlas that I throw and I think we did that for about 30 minutes yesterday.  She also stole my cats little play mouse and had fun running around that the house with that.  She is a cute runner as she runs with little hops in there.  So girly! Tonight Cassie and I worked with her with "come" and she did really well as long as we had treats! 

She does well with her crate and is very patient in there, though she does whines when I get home from work.    I don't know if her and Sasha are ever going to be friends, but we are going to do more visits to Amber's house and let her continue to get to know Sheriff and Sadie. 

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