Sunday, July 17, 2011

Visiting the Westside

Shelby had a super busy day today.  We took her to Seattle when she met up with some co-workers, had a visit with prospective adopters, met up with another foster dog and a quick trip to the Bite of Seattle.  She loved meeting the co-workers, was an adorable angel with the adopters but didn't so much like Sebastian, my first foster, who was more than happy to play with her, but she just isn't ready.  Took her to the Bite of Seattle which was a bit busy for her, so I stuck her in my oversized purse and she was pretty happy in there with her little head popped out.  Once we sat down to eat on the grass, she got out and met some people, again doing really well with people.  We didn't stay long there, it was a pretty busy place.     She traveled great in her crate but is happy to be out of there and back in a place she recognizes.  (me too!)
out like a light
Sebastian is thriving in his new home with his parents, Ryan and Nik. 
It was so good to see him again! 
Ryan and Sebastian

So cute in his little carrier

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