Sunday, July 24, 2011

Splish Spash

Shelly was taking a bath!  Cassie was running a bath and guess who decided on her own she wanted one too?  She stayed in probably 10 minutes.  It was pretty funny to watch her attempted to lay down in the bath too.  What a funny dog!
Now she is busy running laps around the house... go Shelly!


  1. I would have thought the scrubbing with natural flea repellant shampoo she got at my house cured her of ever wanting to be in a tub again! LOL - Janell

  2. maybe it was good getting the itchies off she loves it now... :P now I have to watch her though... she was spayed today, so no baths for her for two weeks!

  3. This is the cutes thing I have heard!