Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The' tude in Yapitude

Sebastian had his neutering today... I picked him up a 4pm today from the vets (all went fine) and it's probably all foster mom guilt and the anesthesia but he's so unhappy with me.  Won't look at me and is sleeping facing away from me...No kisses from him either and not the slightest tail wiggle.    Here I've had him for a little over a week and he's getting all comfortable and out of his shell and then I drop him off at a strange place and he wakes up feeling all icky... I'd be none too happy either...

However.. I bought him some Evanger's Pheasant treats for tomorrow and a new chew bone and just plan on giving him his space today and and soon as he ready and feeling better, making him a happy puppy again. :)  

Let him lay out in the sun when we got home to soak up some rays - he slept outside for bit before wanting to come in where now he's sleeping on the corner of my bed.
love how he sits all proper-like!

Update:  So Cassie comes home and Sebastian wakes right up, wags tail and kisses her... NO FAIR!

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