Sunday, June 12, 2011

PetSmart not so smart

So I took Sasha and Sebastian to PetSmart yesterday... wow what a trip... Sebastian wanted to mark everywhere and barked at all the big dogs.... I think it was too much for him... Sasha was pretty mellow during the whole thing and let Sebastian be the trouble maker... And I discovered how hard it it to shop and take care of two dogs...

However all that barking led to a woman coming by who played with him because she also had a rat terrier and it sounded just like her dog.  So he did make a friend at least.   He had a bit of diarrhea outside right when we left...  He's such a mellow good little dog, I forgot I've only had him for 6 days and he's been through so much... Should have taken him to the smaller,  not so bright, local pet store (which was closed) and I'm sure it would have been fine and not so over stimulating

I picked up a couple of smaller more durable tennis balls because these little Rat Terriers are chewers and need good chew toys... My tennis balls are too big and they are sasha's anyways.

Training:  he will now sit for treats!  doesn't understand really the word but if you got a treat, he will sit for it! 

Likes:  Paper... chews it up.. He got a little paper owl, a toliet paper roll and some paper towels... Keep your paper up and away!

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  1. My Birdie (Rattie) has a paper fetish too. She especially has an affinity for used Kleenex....yummy ;)