Friday, June 24, 2011

Look West Young Dog!

Sebastian is going home today!    I think he knows something is up - he was so full of energy last night and literally ran laps around my house.  Sasha kept trying to get him to stop, but he wasn't having any of that and tried to entice her play, which she wasn't having any of.  They were cute... I kept throwing this little stuff snowman and Sasha would try to hard to beat him to it, and she just couldn't, but she could take it away from him!  She is 7, she just doesn't have the energy he does, but she does have more bossiness!

We had a nice morning - he actually let me sleep a little longer, probably exausted from all his running and craziness the night before.. Went for a walk, he did his business, cuddled a bit.. Gave him a bath - he ignored me for awhile.. So not a huge fan of the bathing... Then he settled down a bit.   Now later tonight - heading up to CleElum to give him to his new dad and they will head off together to his new home in the Seattle area! 

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  1. Tears of joy little Sebastian, I have followed your story from the beginning. Happy you have found your furever home sweet boy!