Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Kids are All Right!

Took little Sebastian for a walk this evening and introduced him to a gaggle of kids in my neighborhood who were hanging out together - when did we get so many kids in this neighborhood?  I swear they appeared out of nowhere!  ... There was about 4 boys and 4 girls, from about 5 years to 9 year old... Sebastian did great!  A bit skittish if they got behind him but he let them pet him and he even kissed a few :)  No growls, barks or anything...   He's a pretty gentle, good natured dog it seems when it come to the kids!

We are also working on the command "sit"...  Sebastian doesn't like to sit or hasn't figured it out yet,, but we are working on it!  We will get it because he really digs the treats and once he connects it, it will be no problem. 

Sebastian doesn't like going into dark rooms by himself.. which is kind of good at this point as it keeps him from wandering too far.

And, yes, Janelle, I made 2 more belly bands... I'm really getting the hang of how to make them.


  1. Yay, Sebastian! He has such a great little temperament that I have no idea how he ended up in a shelter, poor guy. Now I see why the shelter employees worked so hard to find a rescue spot for him.

    So did you try putting elastic in the sides of your belly bands? Also what would be cool - using an absorbant cotton terrycloth for the lining side. This almost makes me want to get my sewing machine out to try this, but not quite. lol - Janell

  2. I'm trying the elastic next and I did stop and pick up both terry cloth and diaper material (good news is both those fabrics were cheaper anyways)so as soon as I get some time, I'm going to try again. I've never done elastic before!