Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another new place...

Sebastian is finally here in Yakima. He is such a mild little man.  So far, not a bark out of him.  Sasha doesn't know what to think of him, but so far, she is tolerating him... a couple of growls of 'you are in my space' and he seems to get it and back off.    He's 13 lbs, got this great little white stripe down the middle of his face and now that he's had a bath, all soft and clean!

He's very alert and curious to this new place.  likes to get up on his back legs and check out things...  He is really disliking his belly band, which is quite funny, cause he will roll all around trying to get it off to no avail. 

Monday - call the vet to get him neutered!

Getting a bath

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