Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My First Foster!

Here he is!   He is currently in California where he has been in a shelter for the past two months.  They are currently making travel arrangements to bring him to western washington and then I will meet up with my new Rattitude friends to bring him to Eastern Washington. 

Cassie has already named him Sebastian which is agreeably a cute name, but let's wait til we have his story and the name he has already before finalizing anything! 

He will be coming to my house where I have a a cat, Sarah (who will do her best to ignore him, i'm sure) and my Pom/Chihuahua mix, Sasha who we are trying to prepare her for her new room mate and friend!!

Will write more when I have more news!

Sasha last year after a full body shave done by Cassie!
Sarah, she doesn't' go for any nonsense!